And, the Cosmopolitan Creative Group is my baby. I've been a creative since the sandbox days when we used to paint with our sticky fingers in art class. And, I've been at ease with computers since I first got my hands on one. But, it wasn't until college that I realized that this — this skill of making things look good, and using a computer to do so — was not only my gift, but my God-given purpose, too. 


Using campus Wi-Fi and an Acer laptop that was a high school graduation gift from my grandparents, I worked from my dorm room before, after and between classes to perfect my craft. And, I started my business from that same dorm room before graduating and taking that "welp, here goes nothing" cliff dive into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

So, as an entrepreneur, I get entrepreneurs. And my goal is to use what I have to make what you have and what you do easier, better and, most importantly, visible — in all the right ways.


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Hey! I'm Marshae

Throughout my many years in business, I’ve worked with dozens of other graphic design companies, but none quite compare to CCG. The quality of work and customer-focused experience they provide truly goes unmatched and the dignity of this company adds a kind of value to our local business economy that shouldn’t be overlooked.


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