I help  new and evolving 

women business owners to show up

with confidence and close deals with

ease through modern, strategic



The Modern Day


...who's able to figure out just about anything, so you try to do it all and often find yourself overwhelmed, overworked and unfulfilled?

or maybe


The Passionate


...who struggles to believe that there’s someone out there who will actually care for your baby just as well as you do?

or how


The Underpraised (and underpaid)


...who knows your stuff, yet your DIY (or not done at all) Branding fails to communicate your value and tried and true expertise?

and, yes!

Speaking from past personal experience, it is possible to be all three (but of course no judgement here!)

...but let's change that,

shall we?

Take a moment to imagine what your life, business and bank account would look like if we transformed the way you show up through your branding so that you can…

Take off the cape, delegate and put your time where it generates the best return. To do more of the things you love with the people you love.

Get rid of the struggle, frustration and confusion of DIY by establishing a relationship with a designer who cares just as much about your brand as you do

(and, honestly maybe a tad bit more because we tend to get a little attached!)

Step onto the stage and establish yourself as a chosen and trusted expert within your industry so that you can attract the right buyers and close deals with ease

does this sound like your

dream life?



...yep, we sure did!

As a business owner, I'm sure you've had several "I wish there was a blueprint for that" moments. And luckily, when it comes to preparing to tackle your website design, there is! And, we're giving it away for FREE.


Cosmopolitan Creative Group, Owner

And, the Cosmopolitan Creative Group is my baby. I've been a creative since the sandbox days when we used to paint with our sticky fingers in art class. And, I've been at ease with computers since I first got my hands on one. But, it wasn't until college that I realized that this — this skill of making things look good, and using a computer to do so — was not only my gift, but my God-given purpose, too. 


Using campus Wi-Fi and an Acer laptop that was a high school graduation gift from my grandparents, I worked from my dorm room before, after and between classes to perfect my craft. And, I started my business from that same dorm room before graduating and taking that "welp, here goes nothing" cliff dive into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

So, as an entrepreneur, I get entrepreneurs. And my goal is to use what I have to make what you have and what you do easier, better and, most importantly, visible — in all the right ways.


Ready to get started?

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Fun Fact About Me:

I lasted one semester of college as a computer science major before realizing that, even though I love computers, that love is conditionally based on someone else programming them first. But, when I added my creative nature to my computer savviness, I found my passion: Graphic Design.

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Marshaé helped me to complete my brand update on time and in time for a big launch I was preparing for.  It was great to have everything look exactly as I had envisioned it and to see everything come together. I knew Marshaé would make sure it was done right.  I knew I could trust her with my brand and that she would partner with me to make it excellent.  That's just who she is. I loved how organized she was and the process ran really smoothly.  I appreciate working with other businesses who run like a business.


Nichely, LLC



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