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Deal Straight is a leadership development company that offers and specializes in workshops, seminars, corporate coaching and public speaking. Their focus is geared towards fueling personal and professional growth and creating future leaders. We partnered with Deal Straight Owner, Dr. Michelle Nelson, to design the company's brand identity from scratch. Dr. Nelson wanted her brand's identity to have a modern appeal that still resonated with the corporate, conservative nature of her target market. So we took a blank canvas and delivered just that.

Slide Deck Design

Blank template with animations

Slide Deck Mockups.jpg

Logo Development

Text Based with Image

Graphic Design

Retractable Banner

Graphic Design

Promotional Flyer

Graphic Design

Branded Stationery/Letterhead

Table Cover Design

4-Sided, 6ft Table

Graphic Design

Business Cards with Raised Silver Foil

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