Frequently Asked Questions: Web Design

Domain Names

How do I get a domain name?

Through third-party sites like GoDaddy and Google Domains OR Through the host of your website (some hosts will offer a free domain for a year with the purchase of a new website subscription) Try to secure a domain name that is as close to your business or brand name as possible. Also, try to match your social media handles to your business/brand name and your website domain name.

Can I keep and use the domain name that I already have?

Yes! If you have a domain name that you’ve purchased that is still active, we can transfer and link it to your new website.

What if I have a domain name already, but I’m changing the name with my rebrand?

No worries! We’ll link both your old and new domain names to your new website. That way, even when someone enters to old domain name, they’ll be re-directed to your new domain name and website. So we’ll make sure no one gets lost!

Website Hosts and Subscription Plans

What platform will my site be built on?

We have experince with Wix, Wordpress, Weebly and Shopify so you're free to take your pick!

How much will my subscription cost?

Subscription costs vary based on the platform used and the capabilities and features that your particular website will need. For information on pricing, please visit the website of the host platform that you plan to use and view their respective pricing information and plans.

Do the funds paid to design the site also cover my website’s subscription?

I wish it was that easy! However, the two are a little different and therefore separate. The funds paid to CCG to design and configure your website are separate from those you’ll pay to the platform that will host and publish your website.

Site Management

What do I do if I need to make updates to my website later on?

If you need to make updates to your website following the close of your order, you may:

  1. Re-enlist our services on a project-to-project basis
  2. Hire us on a montly retainer for ongoing website management
  3. Book a coaching call to learn how to manage and complete minor updates independently

Will I have access to the back end of my website?

Yes! Once your site has been completed, ownership will be transferred from our account to yours (when necessary) and you will have full access to the back end of the website to fulfill your orders, view notifications, manage payments and more.

Will I be taught how to manage and update my website?

Yes! Our web design package includes both written and video tutorials to help you manage your website.

How can I see my orders and/or messages from customers?

By logging into your website’s account from the back end, you will have full access to view any and all orders, payments, messages, and notifications that your site generates.

How can I accept payments?

Most commonly, your website’s host will offer the options of accepting payments directly on your site via PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Debit and credit card payments are included.

General Production Questions

How long does the web design process take?

Website design and development typically takes 8-10 weeks, but is subject to calendar availability.

What information will I need to provide my website’s designer?

The client must provide all written content: policies, information for "About" sections, product prices and descriptions, quotes, reviews, contact and social media information and any other company-specific information that they would like included on their website. The client is also responsible for providing all model, product and banner photos. CCG is not responsible for drafting any written content for client websites nor for any grammatical or spelling errors that are present in content provided.

Will my website have mobile compatibility?

Yes! All of our websites have both mobile and desktop compatibility.

How does the process work?

From strategy, to content development, to design and finally launch, we work with you one-on-one every step of the way to produce your dream website. You'll enjoy intimate strategy sessions before kickoff and prior to launch, detailed questionnaires and assignments to guide you through the site map and content development process, tutorials and coaching to help familiarize you with the backend of your website, post-launch support and much more! Once your project is locked in, you'll also be provided with a detailed Onboarding Guide to reference throughout and support our entire partnership.

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