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But first, what

exactly is a Brand?

Contrary to popular belief, there's so much more to your brand than just a logo. In fact, while very important, a logo is only one single part of what makes up a brand as a whole. And I know the whole "branding" thing can be kinda confusing (because it was for me too at first), but the creative in me thought of this easy-to-digest analogy that explains what a brand is and here's how I grew to understand it...

Building a brand is like building a person.

You get to give her character that will be the root of your promise. A name and unique personality that determines her tone and how she speaks to people. You get to give her a visual identity that creates her image, determines what colors she likes to wear and how she styles her hair. And, you even get to choose her career path and decide on that special thing she becomes known for offering the world.

You singlehandedly get to design everything about her and these decisions determine what she stands for, how people perceive her and ultimately how she's accepted and gets along in the world. The question then becomes "does her branding create a perception that she's reliable, trustworthy and a great person to be friends or do business with?" Or does it come off kinda shady and confusing causing people (think buyers) to shy away? 


THIS, all of this, is your brand. It's the big picture you paint, the promise you make and the story you tell that tells people how to perceive you or your business. And, within all of this, we specialize in specifically helping you paint the visual identity piece of your big picture (so the colors, logos, collateral, website...all that good stuff).


is like the mean girl who no one trusts or wants to sit with

It causes buyers to steer clear of you due to a lack of trust, understanding or confidence in your business and what it represents. The few customers you do attract won't be loyal nor ideal. 

Bad branding costs you money.


is like the popular "IT" girl who everyone loves and gravitates towards

It helps you become known in a good way, liked over your competitors and trusted by your audience so they feel comfortable buying and encouraging other to buy, too!


Good branding makes you money.

Okay, and how does all of this help my business?


Sales Increase.png


the percentage up to which consistent branding can increase revenue

(source: lucidpress)

Clients Icon.png


the percentage of consumers who say the first impression is the best time to earn their loyalty 

(source: bopdesign)



the percentage of consumers who expect to see great design throughout branding collateral

(source: lucidpress)





Marshae Smith is a creative genius! When I hosted my first Dawn's Daughter Leadership Academy, I hired her and everything was top-notch and helped me make the perfect first impression for my premier leadership academy. I will never look to anyone else for anything I need designed. Her creations are not only professional, but also statement pieces and unforgettable. Marshae is simply the BEST!


News Anchor & Talk Show Host, WTOC -TV & WFXG-TV, Bounce-TV Founder

and Executive Director, Dawn's Daughter Leadership Academy

The Tale of



Could you imagine having a 24/7 employee that worked for your business day, night and even on weekends and holidays? One that has an unrestricted passport to travel the world and can be in many places at once? And, they’re out there singing your praises to prospective clients  and customers in rooms you’ve never entered before. They’re a top sales agent whose monthly salary costs you less than a night out for dinner and drinks with the girls, yet the work they do for you is able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Or maybe even millions.

Sound too good to be true? I’m sure it does because we live in the "real world" where nothing is that sweet, right? And, to be honest, I’d think it’s too good to be true, too! 


...But, it isn’t.

What if I told you that employee does exist in the real world? And that I’ve already sat them down for an interview, ran a background check, contacted their references and their story checks out? They’re legit. And, what if I told you their dream job is to work for you and your company and they’re ready to start immediately!


...But, here’s the catch (because there’s always a catch, right?!) What if I told you, that the employee isn’t a “who”, but a “what”?...and that “what” is   your website!


Would you press the “go” button on hiring them? And start typing up their offer letter? After what you just learned about the value they add to your company, I sure hope so! And, I'm here to help you get them onboarded and prepared for their first day on the job!

Growth Icon


businesses that are online and have a website grow 40% faster than those that don't

(source: smallbiztrends)

Poor Experience


the percentage of customers who choose to shop with a competitor after a poor website experience 

(source: webfx)

Trust Icon


the percentage of people who judge credibility based on a company's website design

(source: lucidpress)





I have no doubt that the launch of my business would not have been as successful nor seamless without Marshae being the brains behind our website design. She worked tirelessly to turn this project around in just 3 short days and, as a result, we were able to have a 6-figure online launch day with shoppers visiting the site from around the globe.


AthElite Pro, Co-Founder



The Dilworth

for Brand Design


The Dilworth Package brings your brand's identity to life by providing everything you'll need to create not just another business with a logo, but an entire brand that people will come to know, like, trust and, most importantly, support.

The Uptown

for Web Design


The Uptown Package is the ultimate onboarding process to get your "Perfect Employee" (i.e. your website) up, running and making you money while you sleep, vacation on the beach or enjoy down time with the family. 

The Cosmopolitan

for Brand + Web Design


The Cosmopolitan Package serves up the whole shabang. Including both our brand and web design services in a single sweep, this is your one and done option to build our your dream brand and it's stacked with some serious savings, too. 

Brand Designer Charlotte

We'd (probably) be a 

dream team







you're a high-achieving woman who fully believes in her ability to build a six or seven-figure brand

entrepreneurship is sacred to you and your "why" has deeply-rooted reason and motivation

you're an ambitious and dedicated visionary who's in it for the long haul

you're invested in your business and confident in its

value and growth potential

you take responsibility for your success and you're committed to doing the work

Does this sound like you?

If so, I can't wait to hear from you! Tap the button below to get started with a Creative Clarity Call!


Chat soon,

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